Corporate law is my particular area of interest. I talk about corporate matters from Indonesian Law company view point details for requirements and procedure how to set up company, restructuring - take over and dissolution. I provide legal advice regarding legal risks business actors might encounter in running business and how to overcome challenges
Merger & Acquisition
This is part of Corporate practices in company law or Undang - undnag Perusahaan. Merger and acquisition is one of several methods in restructuring business, either intend to close the business or synergy's driven motive to in elevation of values, I provide legal insight on everything regarding conduct of M & A in Indonesia for law students or business owners
Investment & Commercial
Indonesia is massively inviting global investors to invest in Indonesia and gradually changes its regulations for the best interest of all parties business players as well the country. I keep update with the recent laws and regulation such as revocation of negative investment list and enactment of the positive investment list and how they are applied in the investment. As corporate lawyer I and team provide legal support for foreign investors and domestic investors mainly on real estate, mining and renewal energy investment cover from company establishment and licenses
Mediation & Litigation
I provide legal insight about Indonesian legal system, and its proceedings. Most cases usually either fall by-side or settle in mediation which is also a court order. This path is priority considering court process can be disruptive, expensive and time consuming. However if litigation is inevitable and case need court proceeding, clients as well are covered. I work with an experienced litigator team at Sigma Law Firm and such legal dispute will be resolved with strong argument to serve the client interest. Civil and criminal cases are welcome

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